Volunteering at CACVZC


Volunteers are an essential part of the Center’s ability to serve the children of Van Zandt County. CACVAC relies on the volunteer program to provide advocacy services to the families who come through the center in various capacities including but not limited to clerical operations, creative projects with the children, fundraising, community education, service support and staff support. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities and are always open to suggestions from our volunteers on how to make the program more efficient.


Volunteer schedules are flexible to meet the needs of our clients, staff and your availability to serve.

CACVZC has volunteer hours available Monday- Friday, day and evening, and occasionally, on weekends. Please understand that due to the sensitive nature of our services, our volunteers MUST be dependable for a successful program.


Upcoming events will be posted here.


The nature of business conducted at CACVZC is private and extremely sensitive. It is imperative that we instill trust and confidentiality to everyone we serve. It is the responsibility of all volunteers to safeguard ALL CACVZC information.

  • All volunteers must submit to a criminal background check, sign a confidentiality agreement, and understand that violation of these will result in immediate termination.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to observe interviews due to the sensitivity of each case and the need to respect confidentiality.

A Safe Place

CACVZC is a family friendly, safe environment for victims and families to enter for healing from traumatic events. For this reason, no perpetrators or alleged perpetrators are allowed on the premises. This allows for the protection of victim’s emotional and physical safety, as well as reducing the threat of intimidation and interference with services.

For More Information

Contact Janet Kavanaugh, Volunteer Coordinator

Email: jkavanaugh@cacvz.org 

Phone: 903-567-1212

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